Flying on Faith

I am finding that co-owning a business comes many unexpected twists and turns.  Some days the stress can weigh you down, making you feel immobile.  When our business is the only source of income, we have no choice but to grind through and get things done.  I have not written much lately because I feel all that’s going on lately is stress - and it's coming from every direction.  It is the kind of stress that makes you want to throw up.  You can feel it so deep in the pit of your stomach and you're not sure whether you want to break down and cry or scream at the world.  The worst feeling is when you are ready to call it quits for the day and it’s only 9am.  If my boss is being an ass, who do I go home and complain to??  THE ASS himself.  

God is funny that way.  He likes to throw many challenges at us but does it have to always be all at once?  Just when you think “wow, we are doing great, everyone is healthy, money is good, business is good” then BAM!  You don’t even see it coming.  I guess that’s God’s odd way of building our character and testing our faith.  Boy, is he testing me.  Some people will always be in our way, figuratively and literally, and finding the courage to tell them to MOVE may be one of the biggest challenges we face.  Oddly sometimes you'll find that its actually you that's in the way - and you can be the hardest one to go around.    

I cannot be afraid to admit these events because they are a part of what makes our journey worth telling.  I often think "Who wants to read about our daily lives?", but I truly hope to learn from myself and others by sharing our story.  One day, I wish to look back on times like this and be appreciative of what it has all taught me, I'm not sure what yet but I am keeping my eyes open.   The glaring lesson I've learned so far is that stress brings out the worst in people…. and I am going to blame the new business stress and physical labor for a gray hair that decided to pop out of my head.  Sam’s response was "well I am going bald so which would you prefer?". There’s a nasty choice, option number three please?! 

On the positive side to our chaotic life, we have added some furry friends to our family - four chicks and two ducks.  That’s right, we didn’t have enough going on, so why not add some chicks and ducks.   Oddly, these are the first animals to come into our family.  I am not an “animal in my house” kind of person.  Sorry all you animal lovers out there.  It has nothing to do with not liking animals, I just like them better outside. We finally know now that we have a male and female duck, Quackers and Oats, and they are so in love, I love it!  Fluffy, BukBuk, Miss Piggy and Taco are the chickens.  Taco was named by Sam after the meal she will become. In the beginning Miss Piggy was acting like quite the bossy boots, poking everyone else in the eyes constantly.  A friend defended her by saying “well what you expect, you named her after a pig.”  I’ll admit it….she is my chicken.    

I have gone from reading cookbooks and novels to books about raising chickens.  I now fall asleep reading about what normal chicken poop looks like and how to take care of pasty butt….yeah pasty butt, say that without cracking a smile.  So what have I learned?  Did you know they make leashes and diapers for birds?  And even strollers for walking them around town? (Don’t worry, I would never do that.)  So far our ducks do act like dogs.  The more I read about raising them, the more they sound like having a dog; even sleeping and nesting in a dog house.  They bark at you when they are hungry and will get you soaked if you try to bathe them.  So far things are going well, I am sure there will be some entertaining updates about them in the future.  

The last two months has been an uphill, what seems like a never ending, battle against the world.  I know our family can make it through anything because I have faith.  Not just faith in the four of us, but faith in God that he does in fact know what he is doing.  


Samuel Kohlhagen