We Ate Little Bunny Foo Foo

We are a proud hunting family. Why are some people so against eating animals from their natural habitat? Over the weekend we ate a rabbit that my husband shot and it was delicious. So many people have already told me they would never eat that, claiming it is animal cruelty…such an innocent sweet little bunny. So what do you call all of the cows, pigs and chickens that are butchered every day to feed the U.S. alone? If that’s not animal cruelty I don’t know what is.

We make use of every part of the animal with full respect for it’s life. We aren’t pumping it full of chemicals so it grows fatter and faster, making it unable to even walk. So, if we don’t see the animal slaughtered, it makes it ok? But heaven forbid we watch something like that happen or expose our children to such a monstrous act. From that one rabbit we will feed our family of four three different meals. I made a beautiful slow roasted rabbit, then took the little bit of leftovers (that’s right meat doesn’t always need to be the main part of a meal, shocker!) turned that into a wild rice soup. Also, I used the carcass to make stock for a later use.

A majority of the meat we eat is shot or caught by my husband and I am so grateful to him for feeding our family. Yes, we can drive over to the grocery store and pick up some already killed and clean packaged meat, but honestly once you get away from it, it’s hard to go back. If you research the amount of animals killed each year in the U.S. alone the numbers are disgusting. We do not need to eat meat every day, at every dinner and in obscene amounts. Chicken from a store doesn’t even taste like anything to me now, it is just a texture you can flavor…kind of like tofu. The way I see it is, it’s food and fuel, isn’t that how nature works?? Sadly, I think a lot of people wouldn’t survive if you took away all forms of ready to cook raw meat. Of course it is entertaining when you tell people that eggs are not dairy….where do eggs come from??? I hear that one a lot because I can not have dairy. Last time I checked eggs were still laid by chickens.

So how many people are willing to go walk outside and slaughter the cow or pig in the backyard? Why not? Because it’s alive and staring at you? It’s ok for someone else to do for you though, right? Our family has full respect for animals and a full understanding of their purpose here on earth. So please stop judging those who hunt for their own meat and start looking at where your own meat is coming from….then we can have a conversation.

Natalie Kohlhagen